Global first class medical laboratory
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Royal Fertility & Genetics hospital

Global first class medical laboratory

 RFG in the local first with the highest standards of sterile laminar flow laboratory to federal and China's Ministry of health related rating criteria, to embryo culture provide the cleanest simulation environment for the growth, embryo quality better, the success rate higher.

RGP are used by Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom and other imported high-end laboratory equipment, technology and the world's most advanced medical institutions synchronization.

(equipment: Japan Nikon Ti series micro operation system, RI, a British firm, Sstum active laser system, laser broken membrane apparatus, Germany Labotect C200 senior carbon dioxide incubator, Danish K-system company the latest generation G185 desktop three gas incubator).

PGD laboratory.








Advanced Fertility and Gynaecology Centre

Royal Fertility & Genetics hospital(RFG) has Modern lab technology to maximize success for every patient.