Our Partner Service
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Royal Fertility & Genetics hospital

Our Partner Service


-Egg Donor Selection
*Donor Medical & psychological screening (Regional Donor)
* Advisory Selection service (International Donor)
*Donor Stimulation (cooperate with RFG)
*Tracking follow up Donor condition
*Donor data base information
Right and Obligation 
Egg Donor
Party A (stand for Intended Parent)
-To choose donor after studying of donor database existing with agency.
-To request Agency change of donor without payment or additional cost. If health condition of the donor is unsatisfactory or hormonal disease or other infectious.
Party B (stand for Partner Agency)
-To familiarize intended parent with donor database existing in the Agency.
-To change Donor chosen by the Intended parentt with another Donor if the health condition is unsatisfactory by the report from the hospital.
Cost and Service
-All cost are depending by Intended parent requirement and arrangement.
-Please contact hospital or Agency for cost standard.
-Our tailored service establish for individual Intended parents special circumstance.
-Please contact Hospital or Agency for Service standard.

Our Partner Service

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Royal Fertility & Genetics hospital(RFG) has Modern lab technology to maximize success for every patient.