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Donor Eggs

 In many cases, the egg quality is not good. This is leads to failure of repeated cycles of treatment. In these cases using donor eggs treatment is the answer. There are also many women who have attained menopause however in these women uterus can be made healthy after hormonal preparation. Donor egg IVF would lead to very high chance of successful pregnancy.

Donor eggs are obtained from three sources. They can be someone from your family, professional donor or egg sharing. The advantage of professional donor is that you will get higher number of eggs for the IVF treatment therefore chance of success is higher. The disadvantage is that it is more expensive and these donors come from middle to low socio economic class.

The chance of success with donor egg cycle is about 50% per attempt and 80% in 2-3 attempts. The donor is matched according to height, weight, skin color, eye color and hair color and other physical characteristics. The attempt would be to make the child look as similar to the parents. However one must realize that even brothers and sisters in the same family may look very different even though they are from the same genetic parents.

The treatment would start one month prior to your estimated month of IVF cycle. We would need to match the donor鈥檚 cycle with preparation of your endometrium. The preparation of the endometrium may take between 2-6 weeks, in many cases we can do them through e-mail communication if you are based outstation.

The process involves stimulating the donor with gonadotropin injection for10-12 days followed by egg retrieval On the day of egg retrieval the husband sperm sample is collected, the egg and the sperms are fertilized in the lab and the recipient (patient) is called 2-3 days later to transfer the embryos.

We can provide you with Indian , Caucasian , African or Mongolian Egg donors

Donor Eggs Donor Eggs


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