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Name: Dr.Chen Li Ping

Graduated from TongJi Medical college in 1985. Professor and Chief Physician.( TongJi Medical College affiliated to Hua Zhong university of science and technology ). Her professor Dr,Zhang HanWang.adviser of  Ph.D student of TongJi Medical college affiliated to HuaZhong university of science and technology.


She Had been Worked in Reproductive Medical hospital of TongJi college for more than 20years. Experience in Gynecology and reproductive department. With her unique understanding in Obstetrics and Gynecology common disease, Frequently-Occurring Disease, Infertility and difficult complicated disease. Especially in laparoscope surgery. Good at IVF, repeatedly failure transfer. Polycystic ovary, endometriosis, Premature ovarian,female reproductive endocrine. infertility diagnosis and treatment.



Name:Dr.Ji Gang 

Associate chief physician, Vice professor, university degree. In 1984, he Graduated from AN HUI Chinese traditional medical institute. 

worked as Chief Physician of the best provincial reproductive medicine hospital. In 1999 ,he founded provincial hospital of reproductive medicine center. Standing Committee member of Chinese provincial reproductive medicine association. Organized by national management committee professor of Reproductive technology, Professional at Assisted Reproductive Technology of both male and female infertility. Artificial insemination, Test tube baby.
(IVF-ET),  (ICSI).  (PGD), full of working experience in oocyst donation. freezing and thawing embryos laboratory. At the same time. He also accomplished in Hysteroscopic diagnosis, Oviduct infertility and recurrent abortion treatment. There are many of his thesis published in national academic journal.


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