Why choose us ?
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Why choose us ?

 Why choose us

1   Cambodia Royal fertility genetic hospital (RFG) has approved by Cambodia’s ministry of health and Commerce, which is invested by China company establish high-end assisted reproductive medical center. (The only one and The first one in Cambodia with (Hospital ) medical institute licensed
2   Hospital located in Phnom Penh, monivong Blvd, 8 floors unique design building  with totally 6000sqm in the heart of capital city in Cambodia, cover the largest area. Executed human assisted reproductive technique service such as IVF, ICSI, PGD by international advance equipment. Using human genetic testing service by NIPT/NGS/SNP etc. (The only one executed genetic disease, chromosome, genetic testing hospital in Cambodia)        
3   The only one with lamina flow in laboratory hospital.( Reach to Europe and American thousand grad standard)

4    Hospital decoration concept in warm and sweet atmosphere, increase success rate in good experience and good emotion.( 24hour free coffee, tea, snooker and table tennis. Including leisure facility movie or meeting room)


5   Southeast Asia The best cost performance of IVF, only 30% of Europe and America medical fee. For instance: at least 30thousand USD per cycle for Chinese Patient accepting IVF treatment in America. Total cost about 50thousand USD Dollar, including air-ticket and accommodation.
But in RFG medical fee only 10thousand USD dollar per cycle treatment. An extra pay for air-ticket and accommodation, Merely 30% of America medical fee.

6   Global resource of egg donor library from China, Russia, Europe and America etc. Mr.Wu founder of RFG be known as : “The first civil egg donor library.” which had signed the contract with all our partner. Therefor, we can provide more and more option for customer.

7    Cambodia has no law and legislation prohibited about surrogacy and egg donor.
Particularly in assisted reproductive technology. Therefor, Our implementation process are transparently, legally and reasonably

8  Hotel, restaurant (recommend you good price service hotel, restaurant), Airport-hotel transfer service.

9    Assisted customer travel schedule arrangement such as: hotel, air ticket, guide etc. (provide you preference accommodation best service. )  



Law and regulation advantage
Under Cambodia government easing policy circumstance
China: banned
The act of Surrogacy, Egg donor any buying selling sperm and gamete are illegal since 2001, The ministry of health issue stipulation for (Assisted Reproductive management function). 
 In May, 2016. Health development planning commission of the nation has been issue( banned for non medical requirement fetal gender identify and Abortion in gender disappointment
 regulation). Up to 30 thousand Yuan penalty for any offender, organization operating surgical for gender disappointment abortion. 
 In term of genetics technical application, so far, China mainland only 16 licensed hospital. 
Thailand: Banned for foreign customer.
 On 28th, july 2015. Thailand has issued stipulation for (IVF Law and Regulation). Banned for providing surrogacy and egg donation or gender selection for foreigner. Up to 20 thousand THB plus 10 years imprisonment for offender.( Attached as the law policy)
Cambodia: No banned Law policy
On 3rd Feb,2003. Cambodia law and regulation stated. Excluded in land ownership. Others Law policy are Openness for all foreigner investment.
Under law regulation: as the government has no legislation banned for any industry. All foreigner and joint venture company are lawful operated. At the same time. All foreigner have the same human right as Cambodian people.


Advanced Fertility and Gynaecology Centre

Royal Fertility & Genetics hospital(RFG) has Modern lab technology to maximize success for every patient.